What is a cash-out refinance?

With a cash-out refinance you take your current mortgage and finance whatever additional amount of the equity you would like to take out of your home's worth. You usually need at least 15 percent equity in the property to be eligible for a cash-out refi.

Once you refinance the cash you take out of your home you can do whatever you want with it!

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Our team at Carrington has one goal in mind, getting you the absolute best deal possible on your current or future home loan. We do all we can to help complete the deal that will get you the house or refinance you want!

Solution in 3 Easy Steps



Find out how much your home is worth and what options you have for a cash-out refi, see if current interest rates work for you doing a refinance



Apply for a cash-out refinance and within 30-45 days you can complete your refi


Take your home equity and complete a home remodeling project, consolidate debt, or pay off a student loan. Whatever you want!

Spending Plans


  • Get a cash-out refi
  • Plan a trip of a lifetime
  • Have the time of your life!



  • Get a cash-out refi
  • Find and research a reputable General Contractor
  • Complete home improvements



  • Get a cash-out refi
  • Buy a boat
  • Buy two boats!



  • Get a cash-out refi
  • Repay Student Loan Debt


2018 counting down!


How a cash-out refinance works

If you have been paying on your mortgage for a number of years and have been diligently making the monthly payments. You may find that your home's value has gone up while your mortgage debt has gone down.

Interest rates may be at a point where a cash-out refinance makes sense to lower your interest rate and allow you to take some of your home equity and put cash in your checking account to tackle that next big project.

You might be surprised at how much equity you could take out of your home loan at an affordable rate vs any other loan offer. After providing some qualifying information you might be on your way with that next project a lot quicker than you think!

About Carrington

Our Shared Responsibilities

At Carrington Mortgage Services, we conduct ourselves and our business according to some very simple yet critical guiding principles:

We have a responsibility to our customers

We put our customers first, provide superior advice and solutions, and always act with the highest level of integrity. We provide our customers with world-class servicing.

We have a responsibility to each other

We provide outstanding people the best opportunity to realize their potential. We treat our fellow Associates with respect, share accountability, and share the responsibility and rewards for our successes.

We have a responsibility to our Key Stakeholders

We put Carrington's long-term interests ahead of short-term gains and provide superior results for our Stakeholders. Our Stakeholders include our investors, our borrowers, our colleagues at work, the communities where we live and work, and our affiliate companies. We take an active role in the communities where we work and live. We honor those who came before us and extend our legacy for those who will come after us.

Founded in 2007, Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC ("Carrington", "CMS") is a subsidiary of Carrington Holding Company, LLC ("CHC"), a privately managed investment management company. Headquartered in California, CMS operates three loan servicing locations that together provide integrated full life cycle mortgage loan servicing support to borrowers and investors.

Our mission is to deliver exceptional customer care to our borrowers and our investors. We create value for our borrowers and investors by preserving home ownership through programs that support our borrowers and their ability to stay in their homes.




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